Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dreaming of a Portland Timbers Jet

Tomorrow the Portland Timbers will be holding a special event at the Portland Airport in the Horizon Hanger to unveil the 2011 MLS jersey. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the shirt design and the opening of the team store on Friday. I am equally excited about the possibility of a jet painted in Timbers colors being unveiled tomorrow. Here is a mock up done by my father using the old logo (obviously the newer logo will be used). Can you imagine going on trips to away fixtures with a select group of Timbers fans on this plane?

If I were in charge of the jersey/jet unveiling this would be my rundown of events:
  1. Speech from Mr. Paulson about the state of the organization as we move towards the new year. Topics can include recent player signings, expansion draft recap, and a ticket sales update.
  2. Then either a giant screen will open or a curtain will be pulled to unveil the new Timbers jet sitting directly ahead of the crowd.
  3. Players will then walk off the plane and down the runway wearing the new jersey and team apparel. Fans will have the opportunity to snap photos with players in front of the new plane wearing their new jerseys purchased after the show.

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