Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two More Players Released from Camp

In the latest article from the Portland Timbers website it has been announced that Quavas Kirk and Taylor Mueller are no longer training with the team. I started to think Gavin and Spencer would consider taking Kirk, because of the Gilbert situation at right back. That hasn't been the case however, and now we are left with 5 players still vying for a spot and 24 (23 if Gilbert is no longer in the picture) signed members of the team. Here's who we've got left:
  1. Rodrigo Lopez
  2. Bim Ogunyemi
  3. Chris Taylor
  4. Spencer Thompson
  5. Brian Umony
Who do you see earning the final spots on the team? Last week I picked my five remaining player signings. Roster is expected to be 28 players for the inaugural season.

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