Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Street Stadia Pricing Details

"Dear Mike ,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We see the Street Stadia product as a perfect complement to small sided soccer. The fact that the product is portable and can be assembled in a matter of minutes offers users a fantastic solution to setting up quick and easy small-sided games.

With regard to our product offering we offer three standard unit sizes:

18m x 12m Street Stadia – best-selling product used for a range of soccer and sporting events, used mainly for community projects and academy coaching

15m x 10m Street Stadia –used for community projects and junior soccer matches as well as smaller sided adult games

12m x 8m Street Stadia – ideal for junior soccer events

The retail price tags of the standard courts are as follows

18m x 12m - $20,500
15m x 10m - $18,250
12m x 8m - $15,000

This will give you an indication of the typical prices however we try and price according to what the customer’s requirements which are on an individual basis.

We can customize pitch sizes, goalposts, netting, etc. Street Stadia can also be adapted to be used in a variety of different sports – basketball, tennis, volleyball.

Panels are provided blank and are ready to either have branded stickers applied to them or magnetic brandings. That can either be arranged by yourself or we can arrange on your behalf

Kind Regards,

Maren Perry"

15 - 20 thousand seems a bit steep for this field. I bet if I constructed something on my own with help from some skilled hands we could do it under 2 grand. However, if this field is as easy to put together as they say, and if its durable enough to last long enough, it could be a good investment. Also curious if it includes the trailer in the price.

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