Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fogg Receives Praise From IRWIN FC Manager

I made my debut for IRWIN FC on Sunday and performed admirably during my trial. Our game was held at the MJCC field, and hopefully I will be signed by the manager, Nick Irwin. He thought he would throw me off my game by placing me in goal for the first half. It almost worked. I leaked in 3 goals, but I made countless saves against the relentless attack from the opposing team. In the second half I was switched out to the field where I poured in a hat trick. I guess you could say I felt the need to make up for my mistakes in goal. The manager seemed to notice. Here is what Nick had to say after the game:

"Fogg is a player we certainly need to have a look at in future games. He is welcome to play for Irwin FC anytime. He is a little shaky at the back, but I'm confident he can develop into a premier coed player."

My new manager representing the Timbers green

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