Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New FieldTurf Spotted at Tualatin Indoor

It's been ages since I played at Tualatin Indoor Soccer (TIS), but yesterday I joined another squad and had my first game tonight. TIS has always used an AstroTurf field, which is basically a rough carpet. It was a challenge going back there tonight and playing on that surface after playing at SoccerPlex most of the time. What I did notice tonight were probably a dozen giant rolls of turf sitting outside in the parking lot. After getting a closer look it seems comparable to what other indoor facilities and high school fields have. The artificial grass felt really long, but once they fill it in with the pieces of black rubber it will be more familiar. It will be interesting to see when it gets installed and how it feels during a game.

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  1. The turf is the old turf from Civic. They are going to install in the Spring