Thursday, February 17, 2011

Golazo Energy Review + Freestyle

Golazo, Born to Score. This week I took the opportunity to crack into my 6-pack of the soccer branded energy drink. I gave 3 cans to friends, but the others I used on three separate occasions (pictured below). First, I want to say I love the design of the can. The green, black and white color combination makes for a unique presentation that should stand out on store shelves.

After taking my first sip I was surprised by the flavor. It's unlike any drink I've tried in the energy drink category. The mango flavor jumped out to me right off the bat, and eventually I was able to notice the lime. Golazo has less carbonation than other drinks and lacks the amount of sugar as well. These are both positives in my book, because the drink's marketed as providing both energy and hydration.

In terms of results, I had a positive experience. I started drinking my can about 25 minutes before an indoor game, making sure to drink slowly. My performance in the game was great. I was running the length of the field and I could feel an extra bit of jump in my step. We had multiple subs, and I wasn't about to hog minutes, so I didn't get to test how my stamina would hold over the full 44 minutes. However, I left the game feeling fresh and without the common stomach pain I get when I drink a Red Bull or AMP. The second can I drank before a long shift at work. Retail can be a boring and exhausting job, and having the Golazo certainly helped. I did crash towards the end of my shift, but that is expected. It's retail... it puts you to sleep.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Golazo. They have a solid product and they certainly know how to create a buzz. Hopefully I can get my hands on some more soon!

Trial #1: Started drinking 25 minutes before an indoor soccer game

Trial #2: Pounded a can before working a shift at my retail job

Trial #3: Drank before playing some soccer tennis and practicing some freestyle. Here is my roommate the Footy Guru putting on a display in the background.

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