Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foggy Creations: Portland Timbers Jets

Here are the final designs we submitted for the Portland Timbers Paint the Plane contest. My dad is a photoshop guru, so I basically went along for the ride offering my opinion and potential design ideas. Ultimately these were the last two concepts standing. The final day for submissions was yesterday, Feb. 15th. No word on how long it will take for the Timbers FO and Alaska Airlines to pick the winners. Competition should be tough, with all the talented artists and designers living in the Portland area. Let me know what you think of the designs. Be sure to click on the images for a full size view. Just for kicks here was my dad's original jet design he produced prior to the jersey unveiling in December.

Our first jet is a simple design using some dynamic lines that flow from the tail to the nose. I felt this would be a good entry, because ultimately Alaska Airlines will need to paint this plane, and a toned down design could win over the judges. The lines make for a sleek looking jet emphasising speed and grace.

The second jet design was all my Pops. Only he could put a tilted soccer pitch across the side of a jet. I love the thick lines that flow across the field and continue onto the yellow tail and nose. If this design doesn't get chosen because of all the detail involved, I think it could have a good chance of winning a runner-up or honorable mention, simply based on its creativity.

Let us know your thoughts on both designs. Should we have incorporated the "Rose City" red into the design? Would you prefer a simple or complex design? Would you risk putting players faces/numbers on the plane considering the chance of injuries or trades? How about a giant chainsaw across the body of the plane? Thanks everyone! Hopefully we can nab one of the prizes.

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