Saturday, October 16, 2010

23 painful weeks

I spent nearly 2 years following the MLS 2 PDX process. I still remember back in March 2009 when Don Garber came to Portland and awarded our city with an expansion team. Despite all the positive steps we slowly took to assure our spot as the 18th team, I never allowed myself to get over excited until stadium construction started. Now that the east side grandstand is starting to take shape I know these final 23 weeks are going to pass excruciatingly slow.

I just hope the construction crews are able to finish the project by early April. Our team will likely play the first few games on the road before we have the home opener. The look of the stadium isn't the only thing changing either. PGE Park will undergo a name change as the front office continues to look for a new stadium sponsor. Will we go back to calling it Civic Stadium? Or will someone pay up for the naming rights?

If you have a chance swing by PGE park and check out the construction process. Or you can join me and watch the live webcam all day long.

23 weeks to go from this...

to this...

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