Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Piece of Concept Art Revealed

With some outside help from my father I can reveal the first piece of art for a potential street soccer court here in Portland. It's a quick mock-up and we will turn out other designs very soon. This venue strays away from my original idea to create a soccer pub with a street court incorporated. This facility would make use of a roof covering the bleacher seating and court, but it would not be completely enclosed like a typical indoor complex. I wanted the court area to be wide open to allow for public access during daytime hours, and viewable by people passing by. Connected to the court would be the company office and a restroom facility.

Below is a list of additional complex features I would like to incorporate:
  • Ability to convert court into soccer tennis
  • Cameras recording games. Players can purchase DVD's of games
  • Wall of champions with either photos or team names engraved
  • Quality speakers and sound system
  • Beer garden and concessions open during evening games
I hope you like the overall concept. Future art will give you a more detailed look at this particular street court, as well as alternate facility ideas. Stay tuned!


  1. Looks amazing? any decision on location?

  2. I was thinking somewhere in Tigard would be a really good central location on the Westside.

    better art will be turned out soon!