Sunday, October 3, 2010

Street Soccer = Self-Expression

Drop a soccer ball on any street corner across the globe and anything is possible.

A young player might simply kick the ball against the nearest wall.

A couple might play a few passes back and forth to each other.

A talented player might demonstrate his juggling ability in front of an awe-struck crowd.

Or a group of players could take it upon themselves to make goals out of trash cans or spare pieces of clothing, and start to play their own brand of the beautiful game.

Taking a soccer ball beyond the grassy fields we typically see the game can yield unbelievable results. There is unlimited potential with a soccer ball. Watching the possibilities that an individual's creativity can produce is a pleasure to watch.

My goal with Pitch Black is to provide a permanent venue to showcase this form of self-expression. I hope you will look forward to my future posts concerning this concept idea. Posts will include my inspiration behind the idea, concept art, and general news surrounding street soccer. Please stay tuned!!

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  1. Sweet video. This guy has mad skills...
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