Thursday, October 14, 2010

SUTU Wall... Welcome to Pitch Black

If Pitch Black ever becomes a reality I may have to folk over the cash and invest in a SUTU wall. Ever kick a ball against a wall when you were a kid? I think just about everyone did. Well, with the SUTU wall you can revert back to your childhood days and play all sorts of interactive games thanks to the impressive panel technology.

The model pictured above is the SUTU Basic (4 x 4 panels). Other models exist including the SUTU Plaza which looks like a street soccer court with a large wall on one end. Within the wall is a SUTU Basic. With Pitch Black I would already have the court surface, shape, and walls. I could simply move the interactive wall inside the court whenever it would be used for competitive games between players.

The wall is a really cool concept and some of the games they have seem pretty fun. My only worry would be the durability and longevity of the panels. Hopefully we continue to see progression with this product. These walls are already starting to pop up in playgrounds and schools.


  1. How much are one of these things? Look cool, I beleive the USA national team could use one of these!

  2. No idea on the price.. i didnt see it listed anywhere on the website. From what I can tell it seems like its kind of a concept product right now.