Thursday, October 7, 2010

One more trophy for the display case!

Last night I joined up with some friends and played keeper for their indoor team as we played for the Fall 2010 late night league championship! We played in 3 matches, dominating all opponents on route to winning another piece of silverware. Games went on into the night and we didn't get to hoist the trophy until after 1 AM. Immediately afterward we rushed over to a nearby pub and celebrated as a team.

The night didn't end there. As I said earlier on this blog if you have a ball you can play soccer anywhere. The four of us that remained outside the pub played for an hour and a half in the parking lot. MUFF was the game and I'm sure you have all played it sometime in the past. If you haven't played please let me know and we can get that corrected. The night finished off with video taking and an exhibition of freestyle moves by the group. Check it.

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  1. Congrats man, winning always feels good. I have my fair share of trophies I have gotten from various events. I have a big, glass display case for all of them. A lot of the trophies are more of a tongue in cheek kind of thing and it gives everyone a kick to see them.