Monday, November 1, 2010

Dempsey Scores Another in T90 Lasers

Yesterday I posted the video of Dempsey's two strikes against Wigan. With the second making fine use of Nike's swerve fin technology on the Elite T90 Lasers. Footy Guru spotted the switch from the Superflys a few weeks back when Dempsey scored his first goal with the boots.

I have always been interested in trying out the swerve fins. Wondering if its anything more than a marketing gimmick. After a few weeks of play I feel like the fins would just wear down and lose some of their functionality. The boots look isn't very appealing either with the instep pods dominating the upper. Either way Dempsey now has 5 goals this season with 4 coming in League play. I'm glad the boots are working out for him.

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