Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pitch Black: Rule the Court

Visit any pick-up game out there whether it's soccer or any other sport and the reward for winning is generally the same. Winner Stays on the Court. Owning the court can be difficult. With every game you grow weary and your opponents remain fresh. Their ultimate goal is knock your squad off the pedestal and claim the court for themselves. That extra incentive to beat the champions fuels competition and builds rivalries.

At Pitch Black I want to make sure everyone remembers the past champion. I have already explained my idea for the Mural of Champions. My Rule the Court idea further rewards the squad that reigns supreme after each season. I want to brand the court in the winning team's logo for the duration of the following season. This way teams playing at Pitch Black have that added incentive to take out the champs. Below is an example of a signpost that could be hung at the court showcasing the the club badge/crest. Other possibilities could be flags, wall banners, or the center circle being marked. I want the reigning champion to feel like they are playing on their home court every week until they are beaten. Every match will be competitive for them with each team looking to stamp their name on the court.

As always please let me know what you think of this idea. Of course it is a challenge, and it will cost a little more money, but it adds to the environment I want to feature at Pitch Black.

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