Monday, November 29, 2010

Official Preseason SPL Rankings

After a series of preseason rankings matches over the past week, the commissioner of the SPL (Soccer Pong League) has prepared the rankings for the upcoming season. Players needed to play a minimum of 3 rankings matches to be considered. Regular season matches will commence in the coming weeks leading up to the inaugural knock-out tournament. These rankings are fact, and therefore non-negotiable.
  1. Bryan: A fierce competitor with impeccable shooting form. He holds an unblemished record, but he has been known to extend his elbows past the 18 yard box. In the regular season the officials will need to clamp down on this tactic. Bryan was also the inventor of the 4-4-2, using the diamond midfield. This formation has revolutionized the way teams play in the SPL.
  2. Joe: Often playing as Bryan's teammate, Joe has only lost a single match. He sits at #2 due to playing fewer rankings games. It may prove difficult for Joe to retain his high ranking in the coming weeks. Joe has been known to show the Situation in hopes of distracting his opponents.
  3. Drew: Came into the weekend as an unknown. Served as a key contributor for every team he played for. His behind the back trick shots could use work.
  4. Ross: Had a few solid performances over the weekend. Tallest player in the field allows for an unparalleled arching shot.
  5. Fogg: An unconventional player. Perhaps one of the deadliest shooters in the field, but is known for tipping over his defenders during play. He also takes naps against the back wall demonstrating a lack of desire. Fogg is the only player in SPL history to hit a behind the back shot in regulation, and he played Bryan to a double OT thriller.
  6. Juan: Shows plenty of heart on the pitch, but he has yet to find his stroke. Often relies on the bounce shot to get his points. This usually requires bush league tactics to distract the other team.
Bryan's 4-4-2. Has become the formation of choice.

Standard 4-4-2


3-4-3. With 2 withdrawn forwards.

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