Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pitch Black Mural of Champions

Teams want to be remembered for their achievements. Players want to be able to show their friends and family that they were the best squad on the field. It's the reason why after every championship game the winning team typically lines up in front of the goal and a photo is taken with the trophy. Sometimes photos are even taken by the indoor complex for publishing on the website or for posting on the walls. The winning team is able to take pride in themselves while opposing teams view the photo as a challenge to knock the previous champion out.

With Pitch Black I want to take this idea to the next level. The teams who play at Pitch Black will help create the history of my court. For now I will call this idea the Mural of Champions. When a team wins the premier division their team name, badge, or slogan will be illustrated on the wall. The art will be done in a graffiti style and clubs will have to receive approval for the message or team crest that is displayed. Having a permanent display of past champions wrapping around the pitch will add to the facility's atmosphere. The art will tell a detailed story of past champions, ongoing dynasties, and miraculous upsets. It will give teams a chance to express their creativity and become a part of Pitch Black history. The mural pictured above is from the Montalban Theatre, painted for a Nike event prior to the World Cup. I have also taken inspiration from other mural designs pictured here.

Please let me know what you think of this idea. It may be a daunting endeavor, but I feel that it could become a key landmark for Portland area footballers. Earning a mark on the wall could become every young players ultimate goal.

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