Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspiration: Brickell Roof Top Soccer

I made a great discovery tonight. I was watching the Celtics lay down another beating on the Miami Heat when I noticed something on the television broadcast. During the segment where they thank their sponsors against a backdrop of the city, I noticed what looked to be a soccer field on a rooftop. I looked at my roommate who was watching the game with me and said "Dude, that was a soccer field on the roof." He didn't believe me obviously, so after he left they showed the same backdrop and I snapped a photo of the TV.

With a simple google search I quickly found the website for Brickell Roof Top Soccer. This facility features 2 fenced-in pitches on the mid-level roof of the Rivergate Plaza in Brickell. Both are standard indoor soccer sized fields with FieldTurf meeting the highest FIFA rating. The fields feature lights for evening and late night leagues running as late as 2 AM. Walls are padded for protection and nets keep balls from nailing innocent bystanders below. Men's and women's locker rooms with saunas are a nice feature that most indoor fields never have. Lastly, there is a lounge area with plenty of seating, HD televisions, and free wi-fi. All of this makes for the most unique facility I have seen so far in the states.

I hope that I can visit this facility someday and have the pleasure of playing a few games. For $100-120 you can rent one of the fields for one hour. Not a bad price considering if you have 12-15 guys your looking at paying less than $10. The experience itself of playing under the lights on a roof top overlooking the city of Miami is worth the price. This is exactly the kind of unique atmosphere I hope to create with Pitch Black. A spot that players from all across the country wish they could play at someday.

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  1. ohhh michael fogg taking his talents to south beach? lol